Centre Bethany Centre

Centre Bethany Centre
Ma'at : a concept of order, balance, harmony, truth, righteousness, justice and reciprocity. [Karenga]

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We See you. We Hear you. We Understand you.
Centre Bethany Centre is aware of the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy within African and Racialized communities. Our space is created to support, strengthen and guide you towards your journey of mental well-being centered around healing in an African cultural context.

Our Services

We use humour and laughter where appropriate coupled with a combination of eclectic modalities to treating traumas.

Healing Begins Here.
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Is about a journey in which a spiritual director accompanies a person who seeks to grow and deepen a relationship with The Divine, self, community, and nature in a loving way. It is about faith seeking understandin...

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Focuses on family - family concerns and their interactions with each other, community, nature. It involves family members sharing their difficulties openly and honestly, to get another perspective, in order to resolve these differences gently, kindly and respectably in a peaceful mann...

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Focuses on you - your concerns and interactions with your family, community, and nature. It involves one-on-one sharing of your concerns, to get a different perspective, in order to resolve them gently,...

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About Us

Welcome to Centre Bethany Centre, located in Stouffville, ON.


Candis Peniston

Spiritual Director, Registered Social Worker (RSW), Psychotherapist (qualifying)



Candis is the founder of Centre Bethany Centre. She holds a Bachelor of Sociology Degree, Bachelor of Social Work Degree, a Master’s Degree in Ministry and Spirituality and a Diploma in Spiritual Direction. Candis has worked in the field of social work for over two decades and as a Spiritual Director for over five years.

She is passionate about her African culture and incorporates this perspective in her ministry of Spiritual Direction and Counselling.




The mission of Centre Bethany Centre is to provide Spiritual Direction and Counselling services that will contribute to the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals and families.            




To enhance the quality of life through the concept of Ma’at (order, balance, harmony, truth...)